Happy New Year from WSJI!

Northwest Judo Friends and Family:

Happy New Year! I hope you are all well.

There are several items I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention as we head into the 2019 judo season.


(I) First, a belated thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the Junior Olympics and Continental Crown judo tournaments successful in 2018. Putting on national tournaments of such high caliber entails countless moving parts, and we could not have made them work without all of your effort and dedication. Thank you.


(II) Lakeland Judo and Joseki Dojo have kicked off the season with two East Side Circuit Judo Tournaments, with a third to be held on Sunday, February 17, 2019 at the Hub Sports Center in Liberty Lake, WA. Special thanks to Jennifer Schoo-Badertscher and Josh Heuett for organizing these events, and to all the volunteers who help make them a success.


(III) This year’s State Championships will also be hosted by our dedicated East Side crews, Lakeland Judo and Joseki Dojo. The tournament will be held on April 13, 2019 at Coeur d’Alene High School. The official paperwork is forthcoming.


(IV) Please join me in congratulating Barbara Shimizu, who was elected to the USA Judo Board of Directors last month’s election. We are now fortunate to have Shimizu Sensei represent us not only regionally as Referee Director of Washington State Judo, but also nationally as Referee Director of USA Judo.


(V) Among the many achievements of Northwest judoka in 2018, two of our local judoka were honored with full scholarships to participate in the Kakehashi Project, a youth exchange program promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. As Judo was one of the themes of this year’s program, Danielle Dang of Seattle Dojo and Taylan Yuasa of Budokan Dojo were selected to represent the United States in a tour of several elite dojos in Tokyo and in Miyazaki, Kyushu. We are very proud of you both!


(VI) The Executive Committee has drafted and approved a budget for 2019. We are happy to announce that, in response to the success of last year’s athlete scholarship program, we have decided to increase the amount of funding available to applicants.

  1. Athlete Support
    $4000.00 [40 scholarships, up to $100.00 per event/individual]
    USA Judo National Youth Championships
    USA Judo Senior Nationals
    Eligible competitive events:           USA Judo Junior Olympics
    USA Judo Presidents Cup & Dallas Invitational
    NCJA Collegiate Nationals
    US Open
  2. Referee Development
    $2000.00 [up to $500.00/individual]
  3. Elite Athlete Scholarships (travel to Pan American/IJF events)
    $2000.00 [Chosen by USA Judo to represent or if self-selected, Exec. Board approval]
  4. Geo. L. Wilson Scholarship
    $ 500.00
  5. Continental Judo Crown
  6. Administration
    $  300.00

Total Expected Expenditures                     $10,300.00


(VII) The deadline for the Athlete Support scholarships is Friday, February 19, 2019. The online application is live and can be found at:


Please have your students fill out the application to be considered for funding.

This year, to encourage those who compete nationally to give back to the Northwest in the form of participation in our local tournaments, the monetary amount of the 2019 scholarships for travel to national events will be tied to the recipient’s level of participation in local tournaments. Specifically, the recipient will be awarded $25 for each local tournament entered in 2018, up to a maximum of $100 for each scholarship.

Similarly, the scholarships for elite athlete travel will also vary in amount from $125 for participation in 1 local tournament, to $500 for participation in 4+ local tournaments.


(VIII) I am attaching the WSJI 2019 club registration form. Please complete one for your dojo and send the completed application to Doug Graham at the address indicated in the form.


(IX) At this point, the upcoming NW tournament schedule looks like this:

February 17: East Side Circuit Tournament

March 15-17: Pacific International

March 23: Obukan

April 13: Washington State Championships

April 20: Budokan

May 4: Seattle Dojo

May 24-25: Inland Empire


(X) Finally, the IJF Referee Committee has released videos of the recent Refereeing and Coaching Seminar held in Mittersill, Austria.


The videos are long, but contain some important clarifications to the rules as we look ahead to the Olympics next year. As always, we will be implementing the most recent rules and interpretations at our local events, and we will do our best to give an overview of the most consequential changes at the referee/coaches’ meeting prior to each event.


Please do forward this message to members of your dojo.



Brian Toth, President
Washington State Judo, Inc.